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Thursday in San Francisco at the DEMO Enterprise conference last, 27 startups were pre-selected to pitch their services and services to a big audience and sets of judges. All the systems were released for the first time and focused around collaborative just work at the business and streamlining of workflows to allow better business operations. The merchandise launched were in a number of classes, such as cloud computing, mobile, big data, analytics, sensor systems, 3D printing, wearables, and more. Even though some of the launches presented new prototypes for the very first time, Demonstration also highlighted products and services that gained noticeable traction in organization marketplaces already.

The conference concluded with collection of the DEMO God from the finalists Awards, considering the product and its own features, its value proposition, and differentiation from your competition. After a day-long pitching classes and opinions by panels of judges, the winners were chosen predicated on votes by participants, the judges and the DEMO team. The next startups received the DEMO God acknowledgement:

Eko Devices from Berkeley, California

Learnmetrics from Chicago


ThinAir from Palo Alto, California

Here is more info bout each one of the 2014 DEMO Business Gods and their related classifications:

1) ‘3D Printing & Wearables’ have the idea to revolutionize production and healthcare management, while disrupting changing the scaling and economics models. We already are acquainted with wearbables in health care (like the activity tracker wrist rings, patient monitoring, and iPills. Learning much more about disruptive technology and styles in healthcare: Digital medication and the continuing future of health care). Today, 3D has been incorporated into commercial and business applications. Eko is a fresh stethoscope essentially, which captures center noises from an analog stethoscope, digitizes them and channels them to a smartphone. With this technology, doctors be capable of evaluate a patient’s talk about or heartbeat it with another doctor for consultations

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2) The ‘Smart Data’ category described big data, analytics systems, predictive models, today at businesses and insights based on the growing amount of data being captured. Learnmetrics addresses the scholarly education sector. A dashboard is had by the product that aggregates and analyzes data about students from various resources, assisting educators to find more success opportunities and factors for students, as well as improve teaching in the class room.

3) The ‘Work’ classification covered cooperation at the enterprise, streamlining workflows, and taking down silos inside organizations to leverage the business's valuable intellectual properties. Parklet offers a system that companies, large and small, can use to create and manage groups, predicated on skill-sets, insights, achievements, etc. The merchandise has several tools, like the ability to produce and manage a worker directory, employing, etc.

4) The category ‘Cloud Tools & DevOps’ included it (IT) structures administration in the business and optimization of software performance and procedures over cloud processing. ThinAir Evolved Storage space offers distributed storage space management and solutions in the cloud. The product offers unlimited scale at pennies per gigabyte; includes capacity planning, backups, evaluation and tuning of performance background; It really is pending a patent.



Made by IDG, the DEMO conferences in america, China, Brazil, Vietnam and russia concentrate on emerging technologies and new product innovations. The DEMO conferences have gained their reputation for regularly determining tomorrow's cutting-edge technologies, and have offered as launchpad events for companies such as Hand, E*Trade, Salesforce, WebEx, TiVo, Fusion-io and vmware and a large number of others, helping these to secure opportunity funding, set up critical business associations, and impact early adopters. TheDEMO Scholarship Partner Program, subsidized by corporate and business sponsorships, offers multiple scholarship opportunities to ensure that deserving business owners have the opportunity to introduce leading edge technology products at Demonstration that may have otherwise eliminated undiscovered.

2. Up-coming release and pitching event:

The 10th Silicon Valley Open up Doorways - SVOD’14 Conference

SVOD) is a leading technology investment conference that earns startups, successful entrepreneurs, angel investors and top enterprise capitalists from worldwide to Silicon Valley for just two times of keynote presentations and pitching occasions. The meeting provides opportunities to network, startup presentations to an investors and audience, as well as opportunities to build partnerships and meet other business owners.